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Speaker Show Reel

Do you have an updated speaker show reel or demo reel? 🎬

Dr. Kristy Goodwin does! 😍💥💥
Check out her latest showreel I created for her just recently.
Kristy is a digital wellbeing and neuro-productivity speaker, author and researcher and her topic is fabulous!
This puts her streets ahead of the others who speak on this topic in her space …. especially if they don’t have an updated showreel.

Would you purposely position yourself behind the eight ball?

You may be asking yourself, “Is it possible to apply for speaking opportunities without a showreel?” Even though you may have some luck booking low-paid engagements without one, the vast majority of opportunities will require a showreel.
Imagine the many opportunities you’ll miss by not having this one essential promotional tool…
You may also be tempted to take the “Do it yourself” route, attempting to cobble together something on your own.
Unfortunately, most novice reels do more harm than good since the viewer will be distracted by the sub-par video production instead of your speaking skills.
Trying to take a shortcut by producing a cheap, low-quality showreel will ultimately cost you in reputation and income. In-demand speakers have professional quality videos to represent their brand, and they rarely settle for just good enough.
Check out the video and also check out her website too https://drkristygoodwin.com/
Thanks so much Kristy! It was super fun putting this one together for you.
If you need help with updating your speaker kits to include an updated showreel and images, then let’s chat! Love to help you
Now’s as good a time as any!

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