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Australian Exclusive
Book Trailer Offer

One of the first of it's kind in Australia, showcasing authors and their books through video storytelling

Capture the attention of readers
& drive more book sales

Get your book noticed with Melinda Hird’s exclusive book trailer offer

The Experience Equation Book Trailer
The Experience Equation Book Trailer
As an author this is the most valuable asset you can have in your tool box

Seriously, this is important and here’s why.

Competition is fierce.

According to the latest report from ProQuest affiliate Bowker, “self-publishing grew at a rate of 40 percent in 2018 – and shows no signs of slowing down.”

In 2020 this number would have increased significantly.

More authors are producing books each year, more books are going onto the market and there are more titles competing for your readers’ attention.

 There are thousands of authors out there all vying for the same thing…
… to be known as the subject matter expert and to drive sales of their books.

So, how do you stand out in a sea of noise out there?

This is the first of its kind to be introduced in Australia.

During lockdown in Covid-19 I researched and found book trailers being done overseas, but more so with fiction and children books and not many by authors on their subject matter experts, and certainly not many that have been done well.

After speaking to a lot of industry experts, authors and publishers here in Australia, most hadn’t heard of “Author Book Trailer Videos” being done before and all thought it was a great concept and marketing tool.

So this really is a first of it’s kind to be done here in Australia and I have worked on the strategy and formula that makes it successful.

Think of a Author Book Trailer video, as your powerful marketing and promotional
tool, essential to help you stand out, reach a wider audience and sell more books.

Where you can distribute it across multiple platforms to help you increase your online presence, increase your influence and become known.

These days your consumers are visual buyers and most of the buying experience occurs online.

Thanks to Covid, traditional ways of doing book launches have had to be cancelled or moved to online. So image doing a book trailer to promote before your online book launch, to drive more book sales and gain further reach not just locally, but globally! Now that’s an exceptional reach.

Stand out in a sea of noise

Brands and people I love working with

Professional quality matters

Amplify your message, otherwise, your audience won’t stop and pay attention.

A book trailer is a new and unique way to introduce you as the author to your audience
as seen in Hunter Leonards’s example above.

Your audience gets the opportunity see you and hear you speak about your book and marketing
message in a more compelling and engaging way.

When done exceptionally well, a great book trailer can be a powerful addition to your book marketing campaign.

However, a poorly done, unprofessional book trailer will do more harm than good.

That’s why you need the skills and expertise of somebody who understands the strategy of creating a standout book trailer.

It is the difference between you being seen as an authority…
…or just another author trying to sell their book amongst the millions.

You can have the most amazing book to share with the world,
but if you don’t know how to be noticed by the right audience then it will forever go unseen and unread by many.

A personalised Author Book Trailer video will take you there.

Here’s What You Can Expect

It gives you the visibility and the credibility you need to grab attention and keep it on you.

There are billions of messages and images shared every day,
so you need to stand up and stand out if you want to be seen for the leader you are.

Here’s why:

Consumers are visual buyers. Videos can boost you and your book’s online presence.

Readers are 64% more likely to purchase your book if they see a book trailer (Source: ComScore).

Humans are wired for video. Our brains process imagery 60,000 times faster than text.
Studies show people recall 6 times more info from video than text

Authors who use book trailer video in email campaigns can experience Open Rates [increases] from 19% to 300%! (Source: Forrester Research) So why not take advantage of that?

Consumers who have an emotional connection with your brand are x3 higher to engage with you.

Audiences will connect better with you as an author if they can not only see you, but hear you and your message.

Use your compelling brand assets on your social media, in your marketing assets, send them to PR agencies or use them for media releases and watch your brand take off.

78% of people watch online video each week.

Need I say more?

Exclusive Offer – Author Book Trailer Starter Package
Starting from $1850 + GST
  • 30min Discovery Session
  • Checklist to prepare for your shoot
  • Up to 4 hours filming
  • 1x 90 second (min) to 2.5 minute (max) book trailer video
  • Up to x 2 rounds of changes

Additional $350 for 60-90 second and a 30-second cut, (great for creating ads)

Please note: There may be a need to use some quality stock video in your book trailer edit, while these costs are additional, they are optional.

              Kind words from my clients:

              • Creating my book trailer was a highlight of the overall book launch and the response has been off the charts. Thanks to Mel for her professional direction and high quality end result.

                Hunter Leonard
              • I have used Melinda on many occasions for portraits of my team and me. Her photos are exceptional and the process is always easy and enjoyable. I also use Mel for video work often. She is fast and professional.

                In the last couple of years I have recommended Mel to hundreds of speaker’s because her work is that good. She understands our business and what the client is looking for. Her gentle guidance and positive encouragement makes all the difference to the final product. I highly recommend Mel for anyone looking for a professional shoot.

                Leanne Christie
              It’s your time to stand out, be seen and be heard, like never before.

              An author book trailer video is for you if you want to play a bigger game, have the edge over your competition, stay relevant and be seen and heard as the expert that you truly are.

              By making a decision to act you’re showing yourself you do have what it takes and you’re moving forward to make your dreams a reality.

              Don’t resign yourself to living a life less than because you’re comparing yourself to your competitors.

              The world needs your message, knowledge and information.

              People need to feel inspired, are you going to be the one that provides that?

              Got questions? No problems!