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Sydney Personal Brand Photographer Portraits, Melbourne Photographers, Brisbane Photographers

Personal Brand
Portrait Offer

Look great & feel great
with amazing new
portraits for your profile,
marketing and PR
Sydney Personal Brand Photographer Portraits, Melbourne Photographers, Brisbane Photographers

Personal Brand
Portrait Offer

Look great & feel great
with amazing new
portraits for your profile,
marketing and PR

Fall in love with your images and confidently
position yourself as a leading expert in your field.

Amplify your impact, be in demand, and be paid your worth

Don't Drown in a Sea of Noise

 There are thousands of other speakers, authors and thought leaders out there all vying for the same thing…

To be seen and heard, be in demand, booked up and paid your worth. 

So, how do you stand out?

Your personal brand is a requirement these days if you want to level up and play a bigger game.

The marketplace must have complete clarity on your brand otherwise they won’t stop and pay attention.

Finding a great photographer who understands how to visually raise your brand profile is essential.

When done exceptionally well, personal brand photography elevates your brand and positions you with confidence as a successful leader in your industry.

Your images tell a story, ignites excitement and instantly captures your audience’s attention.

This all leads to building trust and familiarity with your audience and certainly positions you for better opportunities.

Brand photography these days require more than just a handful of images.
The more images you have in your image library the better it is for you to consistently show up on your social media platforms, PR and marketing.

Your ability to cut through the noise and connect deeply with your intended audience with your personal brand will be the difference between
you being seen as an authority or just another name among many in the industry.

Great personal brand photography plays an essential role in taking you there.

Want a great photographer who understands how to capture great visual assets that elevate your profile?
Then lets chat. Simply book in for a visual discovery call and I will take you through the process of how to achieve all this.

Brands and people I love working with

Think You Don’t Need Personal Brand Photography? Think again.

Strong brand assets give you the visibility and the credibility you need to grab attention and keep it on you.

There are billions of messages and images shared every day, so you need to stand up and stand out if you want to be seen for the leader you are.

It’s not as simple as having a few images and recycling them.

Your personal branding needs to ooze professionalism, connect with your intended audience and ignite interest.

And, your personal brand images do this when they’re consistent and reflect your true personality.

Here’s why:

Consistency in branding increases your bookings and revenue by 23%

On average, there will be 5-7 brand interactions before the market remembers you

91% of consumers across all industries would rather work with an authentic brand

Consumers who have an emotional connection with your brand are x3 higher to engage with you

90% of consumers expect you to have the same branding across all platforms or channels

Use your compelling brand assets on your social media, in your marketing assets, send them to PR agencies or use them for media releases and watch your brand take off.

Here’s What You Can Expect

The recent worldwide disruption has left many in the dark about the future of their career.

But for the leaders who take charge, they have capitalised on this opportunity, taken innovative action to strengthen their brand and they are still being booked up for virtual events and upcoming in-person events.

You can too.

With a personal brand image library, you’ll have hundreds of photos to draw on that capture your personality, make you look great and captivate your target audience.

How else are you going to stand out from your copious number of competitors and be selected for that exciting opportunity that you’d love speak at?

Take advantage of our post-pandemic exclusive offer now so you can reignite your brand and share your message with the world.

Personal Brand Photography Package– Exclusive Offer
$2400 + GST
  • 1 hour Visual Brand Strategy Session
  • Photography Brief & Questionnaire
  • Checklist to help you prepare
  • Pre-Shoot Mood Board collaboration
  • Up to 4-hour Photography shoot at outdoor locations (Studio location available – additional charges may apply)
  • A mix of portrait, candid, in-action, and lifestyle shots to capture the essence of your personal brand
  • 3-5 changes of outfits
  • Image library of 150+ enhanced images (marketing and social media ready)
  • 20 images retouched for that extra premium feel
  • National availability – get in touch to discuss

            Got questions? Let’s connect via a discovery session. Book in for your call now.

            It’s Your Time To Shine 

            Personal branding photography is for you if you want to play a bigger game, have the edge over your competition, stay relevant and be seen and heard as the expert that you truly are.

            Fight that inner voice telling you that you’re not worthy of going after your dreams and rise to the occasion. By making a decision to act you’re showing yourself you do have what it takes and you’re moving forward to make your dreams a reality.

            Don’t resign yourself to living a life less than because you’re comparing yourself to your competitors.

            The world needs your light, are you going to share it?