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Video & Production

Story telling is what we do best

Video and content creation plays such an important role in communicating your message with speed and effectiveness. Create influence and position yourself more strongly when using video.

By producing results that are going to be relevant to your audience, will make it more engaging and inspiring for your viewers to watch, listen and share.

Showcase your personal brand, event or business in a way that will communicate, connect and engage with your audience. It will also help with your content creation and engagement.

We work with you across all stages of the production process. From planning and strategy from beginning to end. Providing storyboarding and scriptwriting to copywriting, voice overs and stylist. Right down to the final shoot and editing of your video. Because our aim is to make the process as easy as possible to share your story or event in a more compelling and impactful way.

Video ThumbnailPallium Construction Accountants - vimeo Video

Pallium Construction Accountants

Pallium Construction Accountants came to us to do a showreel that outlined their business and how they help their clients in the construction industry. The result was a sophisticated piece that has since helped Pallium secure more leads and stand out from the rest.
Video ThumbnailDr Emily Verstege – Speaker and Personal Brand Showreel - vimeo Video

Emily Verstage

Emily is a customer experience futurist, author, mentor, speaker as well as a beautiful, intelligent and compassionate woman. Emily was such a pleasure to work with on her brand showreel and the result shows.
Video ThumbnailLucy Bloom Speaker Showreel

Lucy Bloom

Lucy needed a refreshed speaker showreel so we combined existing footage with face-to-camera as well as introductions, testimonials, text supers and more. The showreel resulted in numerous overseas bookings.
Video ThumbnailBefore the world came to a stand still, crushing the speaking industry to a grinding unexpected halt, Leanne was lucky to have held her second Standing Ovations event held at wonderful Cliftons in Spring Street. Leanne generously shared her knowledge and information alongside Sharm and Jane to emerging and established speakers. Have a listen to some of the key highlights from the event and testimonials.

Standing Ovations – Jan Event

Before the world came to a stand still, Leanne was lucky to have held her second Standing Ovations event held at wonderful Clifton's in Spring Street. Have a listen to some of the key highlights from the event and testimonials.
Video ThumbnailAlice Crawley – Speaker Showreel - vimeo Video

Alice Crawley

Alice Crawley is an extraordinary woman who has a unique and must hear story. We filmed Alice and created her current showreel to elevate her brand allowing her story to be shown to a wider audience.
Video ThumbnailVideo by Melinda Hird Photography

Lisa McInnes-Smith – PSA

This project was for Professional Speakers Australia, ‘Many Faces of PSA’. We used some of Lisa’s existing content, as face-to-camera and B-Roll footage which was shot on the day of the face-to-camera at a PSA meeting in Melbourne.
Video ThumbnailAmber Daines – Personal Brand Showreel - vimeo Video

Amber Daines

Video ThumbnailVideo by Melinda Hird Photography

Ian Stephens – PSA

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