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One of the most effective ways to connect with your audience and showcase your personal brand, event or business is through video. Video is powerful because it instantly engages your audience and gives them a real-life insight into you and your message which means you are memorable and stay relevant.

But, it can’t just be any video.

 There is an entire strategy that underpins how to create memorable and impactful videos so don’t risk your brand on poorly created visuals. High quality showreels that communicate your personal brand are what make you stand out from your competition. Your videos are a powerful sales tool that you can share on your social media platforms, website, and send to conference organisers.

Put yourself in the spotlight.

Lucy Bloom Hybrid Speaker Showreel

Hybrid Speaker Show reel – The Lucy Bloom

Updated Hybrid Speaker Reel to demonstrate Lucy's Bloom in action as a top Keynote Speaker both Onstage and Online. A vital asset for getting more bookings, reaching a wider audience and getting paid your worth.

Hybrid Speaker Show Reel – Dr Kristy Goodwin

Do you have an updated speaker show reel or demo reel? 🎬 Dr. Kristy Goodwin does! 😍💥💥 Check out her latest showreel I created for her just recently. Kristy is a digital wellbeing and neuro-productivity speaker, author and researcher and her topic is fabulous!
Hunter Leonard - Book Trailer

Author Book Trailer – Hunter Leonard

Hunter Leonard is the Author of his latest book "The Experience Equation" Book Trailers are a new and unique way to introduce you as the author to your audience, reach a wider audience and drive more book sales. Marketing message in a more compelling and engaging way. When done exceptionally well, a great book trailer can be a powerful addition to your book marketing campaign. That's why having the right strategy for your script is essential.
Brand Video Showreel for McFarlane Lawyers

Personal Brand Showreel

It was fabulous to work with Emma McFarlane who is an incredible litigation and disputes lawyer and she needed new personal branding photos and a video showreel for her business and website as she has branched out and started her own practice. We captured a lot on the day and what I loved was the use of some large chess pieces we found in the park nearby to symbolize the strategic and practical pre-litigation advice to companies and their boards on matters including risk management;
Pallium Construction Accountants

Corporate Business Showreel

Creating a powerful promotional video is ideal for professionals, small to medium businesses and corporates. Pallium Construction Accountants worked with us to create a showreel that communicated their message on how they best help their clients. When there’s clarity in the marketplace about what your business does then you attract more clients to serve.

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