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Keynote Speaker Photography

Tony Eades from Salted Stone has a brilliant business mind and brand futurist helping people know what to plan for next in the digital marketing space.

His business ‘Salted Stone is one of Australia’s Diamond Hubspot Partners. With offices in Sydney, Perth and LA. They specialise in end-to-end digital solutions and consulting for planet Earth’s increasingly customer-centric business challenges.

Tony also does a lot of speaking gigs and his information is so valuable for audiences needing to know more about the future of digital marketing.

Here are just some sample shots of what was taken on the day from the Digimarcon event held just recently this year. that is going to help promote his presence as a keynote speaker. As well as having visual assets for his speaker kit and media kit.

Find out more what Tony does here: https://www.saltedstone.com/au/

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