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Lucy Bloom Hybrid Speaker Showreel

Lucy Bloom brand new HYBRID Showreel

I’m excited to share Lucy Bloom’s brand new HYBRID speaker showreel for 2020.

Key ingredients to this showreel included:
* Lucy’s pre-covid, live onstage keynote and testimonials
* Mixed in her 2020 virtual online keynotes.
* As well adding some face to camera dialog
* A pinch of behind the scenes photos and video in a studio and in her home virtual set-up
*Topped off with some images from our recent personal brand shoot we did together which we overlayed the text from her testimonials to.
Lucy is bold, courageous, speaks up and has a big heart, Most of all she is sooo funny! She’s had incredible life experiences (which you can read in her book “Get The Girls Out“).
Therefore it was important to ensure so her speaker reel reflected this with the use of great colours, imagery and bold text.  Not to mention a killer soundtrack on top.
Since Covid-19 and the restrictions to travel (until who knows when), a lot of speakers have adapted to virtual and most are finally adapting comfortably and starting to enjoy presenting virtually and the benefits it brings.
Speakers, updating your speaker showreel is essential in helping you to get more bookings, especially now in the current environment.
It’s more competitive but there is also more opportunities to present virtually and globally as well.
Whilst it may not be the same as live onstage, it’s certainly opened up to a whole range of opportunities for speakers to get more paying gigs. 
But again, no one can book you if they can’t see or hear your capabilities. So show them!
If you need more virtual assets, or to get your showreel together, lets chat calendly.com/mel-3/30min?back=1&month=2020-11
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Lucy is one of the top speakers in Australia and one to experience. You can find out more at her website: thelucybloom.com

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