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Exclusive Virtual
Presentation Day

Update your Speaker Showreel for the Virtual World

Increase Your Chances Of Getting
More Paid Bookings In 2021

Capture footage that shows your speaking skills
on screen & on stage

Haven’t got great virtual video assets that position or sell you well?

No problem, this is why Melinda Hird is offering an exclusive recording day to capture your virtual keynote or presentation at Dale Beaumont’s stand out recording studio.

Melinda will combine this recorded footage with your most recent on stage footage
to create a hybrid showreel and position you for more bookings in 2021.

Watch the video directly below to see for yourself this amazing space, whilst I was with
Leanne Christie from Standing Ovations for her Million Dollar Mastermind event “Transform and Thrive
as well as when I was recently with Lucy Bloom

Video Thumbnail
Virtual Event Speaker Day Video Promo Melinda Hird
Virtual Event Speaker Day Video Promo Melinda Hird - vimeo Video
Embrace Online

Travelling interstate for speaking gigs may be possible for next year…
globally though, it isn’t likely to happen.

One thing you can count on is that
the competition will be more intense than ever.

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s to adapt fast and be prepared for the unexpected.

Hundreds if not thousands of speakers are out there now all vying for the same thing…
to get paid and to get more bookings for next year.

So, how do you stand out in a sea of noise out there?

Presenting virtually has been a complete game-changer and event organisers
are looking for somebody who can deliver.

As a speaker, your job is to engage, motivate, entertain or inform your audience.
But how can event organisers know you, if they haven’t seen or heard you before, especially virtually?

Having worked closely with event organisers and speaker bureaus, I know that
no one will book you until you can demonstrate what it is that you can do.
So make it easy for them and for you.

Position yourself for 2021

Updating your marketing assets by creating a speaker demo reel right now,
will ensure you are ready for the opportunities that are being offered.

It will be the single most important sales tool for getting new and paid
speaking opportunities for 2021.

Highlight the value you bring, help solve problems and position yourself as the subject matter expert so that you can send out to bureaus, corporates and organisers,
not just locally, but globally.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

* Your virtual presentation filming will take place at Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint film studio which is one of the best studios in Sydney. With Melinda directing on the day, alongside an A-grade film crew and state-of-the-art technology.

* This amazing sound proof studio with make up room, break out room, also offer you a variety of backgrounds and stage sets to choose from, a great lighting rig to give you stand out results.

* Increase your chances and position yourself strongly so that you can get booked up for those more prestigious spots.


* It will put you in the spotlight and positions you ahead of your competition.

* Makes it easier for event organises, bureaus and corporates to book you because you will be able to demonstrate how well you speak live and virtually. Get booked and paid your worth.

* Play with the bigger players. Puts you alongside the bigger players who do a speaker reels every year.

* Become visible. Speaker Reels puts you in front of a wider audience, locally and globally.

* Connect better with your audience. Make it easier for people to really get you, get your topic and see and hear you in action.

* People who have an emotional connection with you are x3 higher to engage with you.

* Use this video asset to promote on your social media, in your marketing assets, send them to PR agencies or use them for media and watch your brand take off.

Need I say more?

Exclusive Virtual Presentation Day
Special Offer – $2790 (valued over $4,500) + GST

Or 3 easy monthly payments of $1,050 +gst (price includes debit fees)

Thursday, 26th November 2020
(limited spaces)

What’s included:

*60 min Strategy Session prior to the event
*1 x 30 min Script Session/Feedback
*Checklist to prepare for your shoot
*Studio Hire for 90 minutes using Dale Beaumont’s Studio
*Multiple Camera Angles (x3)
*Professional Team filming you

Video and Photography Assets you receive:

*1 x 10 minute presentation (edited)
*6 x short key phrases captured in different outfits (edited)
*1 x 3-minute face to camera piece (teleprompter & edited)
*PLUS your 3 minute, 2020 speaker showreel done for you fully edited (2 rounds of changes)
*Behind the scenes B-Roll Video
*Behind the scenes Photography

Seriously, this is massive value and it will be your best sales tool.
It will effectively demonstrate what you do and help get you more bookings…
…it doesn’t get any better elsewhere!

What you will need to supply:

*A variety of recent speaker video footage (some different ones is ideal!
ie: on-stage or in a workshop and any virtual videos or photos you currently have)
*Your scripts – no less than 1 week before the shoot
*Signed Rules of Engagement form

Excellent for:

Established and organised Speakers, Trainers or Facilitators
who require high standard, virtual event footage
(including behind-the-scene shots of the setup)
to promote their 2020 speaker reel – combined with their existing on stage footage

Optional Extras:

* Makeup artist and hair $300
* Makeup only $150
*Video stock
*Additional video edit changes $125 p/hr

Download your handy Virtual Showreel checklist today

FREE CHECKLIST to download

Having a speaker demo reel will be the single most important sales tool for getting new speaking opportunities

The best part is that you can control your brand and provide the exact message you want to share. It highlights the value you bring with how well you engage and entertain your audience, how you help solve problems and position yourself as the expert in your field.

Even better, a showreel is multi-purpose! Not only can it be sent to bureaus or conference organisers, but it can be hosted on your website and promoted across your platforms.

Make your Assets work for you, 24/7

Mels energy, professionalism, and passion has been absolutely exceptional and I knew from the moment I meet her I wanted to work with her. If you really want to establish yourself.... and show people the lane you are owning then do a professional showreel with Mel, it's truly an amazing experience.
Alice Crawley – Speaker, Author

Kind words from my clients:

  • I have used Melinda on many occasions for portraits of my team and me. Her photos are exceptional and the process is always easy and enjoyable. I also use Mel for video work often. She is fast and professional. In the last couple of years I have recommended Mel to hundreds of speaker’s because her work is that good. She understands our business and what the client is looking for. Her gentle guidance and positive encouragement makes all the difference to the final product. I highly recommend Mel for anyone looking for a professional shoot.

    Leanne Christie - Ode Management, Ovations, Standing Ovations
  • Melinda Hird is the best in the business when it comes to video and branding portraits. There are a number of operators in the speaker world but I really think Melinda loves her clients genuinely and produces outstanding work. I love my branding shots and my showreel creates business for me every day.

    Lucy Bloom
  • I engaged Mel recently to do my personal branding photography and showreel video and cannot recommend her highly enough! I'm so pleased with the photos and video, but the reason I recommend her goes beyond the final product. It's the service. Mel totally invests herself in getting to know you, your story and what you want the photos/video to portray, provides great guidance and then she 100% delivers!

    Emma MacFarlane

Previous work

Video ThumbnailLucy Bloom Speaker Showreel

Lucy needed a refreshed speaker showreel so we combined existing footage with face-to-camera as well as introductions, testimonials, text supers and more. The showreel resulted in numerous overseas bookings.
Client: Lucy Bloom

Video ThumbnailVideo by Melinda Hird Photography

This project was for the ‘Many Faces of PSA’ using some of Ian’s existing content, as face-to-camera and B-Roll footage which was shot on the day of the face-to-camera.
Client: Ian Stephens – Professional Speakers Australia 

Video ThumbnailVideo by Melinda Hird Photography

This project was for the ‘Many Faces of PSA’ using some of Lisa’s existing content, as face-to-camera and B-Roll footage which was shot on the day of the face-to-camera.
Client: Lisa McInnes-Smith – Professional Speakers Australia 

Video ThumbnailA book trailer is a new and unique way to introduce you as the author to your audience, reach a wider audience and drive more book sales. Your audience gets the opportunity see you and hear you speak about your book and marketing message in a more compelling and engaging way. When done exceptionally well, a great book trailer can be a powerful addition to your book marketing campaign. That's why having the right strategy for your script is essential.

A book trailer is a new and unique way to introduce you as the author to your audience, reach a wider audience and drive more book sales. For more information on this unique product, click here
Client: Hunter Leonard

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