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One of the most effective ways to connect with your audience and showcase your personal brand, event or business is through video. Video is powerful because it instantly engages your audience and gives them a real-life insight into you and your message which means you are memorable and stay relevant.

But, it can’t just be any video.

 There is an entire strategy that underpins how to create memorable and impactful videos so don’t risk your brand on poorly created visuals. High quality showreels that communicate your personal brand are what make you stand out from your competition. Your videos are a powerful sales tool that you can share on your social media platforms, website, and send to conference organisers.

Put yourself in the spotlight.

Amber Daines u2013u00a0Personal Brand Showreel

PR Showreel – Amber Daines

If you want to perfect your message and convey it in a way that is truly meaningful to your target audience, we work with you on your video content creation and help you map out the entire strategy for a full video series. We helped Amber to create her video series which is ideal for attracting and warming up new audiences and can be repurposed across multiple platforms.
Standing Ovations

Event Showreel – Standing Ovations

Before the world came to a stand still, Leanne was lucky to have held her second Standing Ovations event held at wonderful Clifton's in Spring Street. Have a listen to some of the key highlights from the event and testimonials.
Alice Crawley u2013u00a0Speaker Showreel

Speaker Showreel – Alice Crawley

Alice Crawley is an extraordinary woman who has a unique and must hear story. We filmed Alice and created her current showreel to elevate her brand allowing her story to be shown to a wider audience.
Lisa McInnes-Smith u2013u00a0Many Faces of PSA

PSA – Lisa McInnes-Smith

This project was for Professional Speakers Australia, ‘Many Faces of PSA’. We used some of Lisa’s existing content, as face-to-camera and B-Roll footage which was shot on the day of the face-to-camera at a PSA meeting in Melbourne.
Ian Stephens u2013u00a0Many Faces of PSA

PSA – Ian Stephens

Marty Wilson u2013u00a0Many Faces of PSA

PSA – Marty Wilson

Dr Jenny Brockis u2013 Personal Brand Showreel

Personal Brand Showreel – Jenny Brockis

About the Remarkable Woman

Event Showreel – Remarkable Woman