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There is no doubt that photography is an important part of marketing – but why?

A personal brand photography shoot is much more than a simple portrait and is a very important part of any business marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  • It’s your personal branding identity. 
  • It’s how customers perceive and react to you.
  • It’s an opportunity to showcase your personality. 
  • It’s a way to gain the trust and confidence of the people around you.
  • It helps build up your online reputation.
  • It’s an asset. By showcasing yourself in various ways you can become more visible and recognisable among consumers. 

Be creative with the way that you present yourself in front of people. 

Highlight the one thing no one can compete with: YOU. Who are you, exactly? What is your expertise? What brings you joy? What are you personally known for? How do you work with others? All of these examples can be included in your personal branding photoshoot. 

If you don’t use all of the different forms of branding photography to get the most out of your session, you’ll be missing out on a ton of content and marketing materials that you can reuse over and over. But what if you’re unsure what kinds of photographs you’ll require? Don’t worry, that’s where I come in. Part of my process is the pre strategy work to ensure we capture you authentically and bring your true personality out. 

Some examples of the different types of Branding Photos include:

Profile Portraits:
You don’t have to be wearing a formal suit, or be photographed against a white or gray background (unless that’s your thing! ), but you do have to be looking and smiling at the camera People (a.k.a. your ideal customer) interact with other people, and it’s difficult to connect with someone who we can’t see.

But just because they’re in a traditional stance doesn’t mean they have to be boring.  You may still show off your personality with these by the setting, dress, or accessories you choose. Try using a variety of expressions, these are always fun and great for marketing, media and PR. The boring backdrop headshot is out (at least for these sessions), and it’s all about having a good time while still presenting your brand properly. It’s the best of both worlds, isn’t it?

Lifestyle & Personality:
What are some of your interests? What are your passions? On weekends, where will we find you? Whatever your answers are, you can use lifestyle branding photography to show off all of them.  Share something that nobody knows you do, it can be hidden talents or interests, and show the world who you really are. This is also an excellent opportunity to bring in new people! Getting a few photos of you laughing with your kids or a lovely photograph of you and your sweetheart may go a long way toward letting others on the internet get to know you better. 

Make sure you have a mix of gazing at the camera and looking away while taking lifestyle photos and don’t forget to get some details (like props you use, signs, microphone, awards, books etc). Helps with making the photos look personal.

Behind the scenes shots:
People want to have a sense of how things will go before we start working with them. Behind-the-scenes photos are usually taken during filming, but they can also be taken during shoots for different products or events. These photos show the setting, people involved with the act or event, and the general atmosphere around them. For potential clients, photos of you working, helps them believe that you’re a professional who understands what you’re doing.

Client Interaction:
If your business includes engaging with clients in any way, whether it’s over the phone, Zoom, or in person, you’ll need photos to demonstrate what that looks like. When you’re taking photos of your work with your clients, you’re showing them what it’s like to have you on their side. You’re giving them a sense of trust that they are in good hands and you are working hard on their behalf. Photography is a powerful tool when it comes to creating a more personal connection with clients because most people can relate to photos more than text-based content. It’s not just about showing off how good-looking your website looks, but the value that you provide and why clients should seek your advice. The easiest approach to prepare for these is to ask former clients, friends, or even family members to join you in your session to act out certain scenarios that will demonstrate what it’s like to work with you to new consumers.

Detail Shots:
Detail photographs are perfect for improving imagery to your website or social media feed. Detailed pictures are some of the most attractive methods to demonstrate and explain certain aspects of your expertise. You may truly isolate your message and focus on what’s vital by isolating and focusing on one aspect. There’s a reason we’re drawn to these kinds of photos, and it’s because they’re beautiful, simple and effective.

Hobby and Personal shots:
The most common error people make is failing to capture photos that reflect their personality and passion. Hobbies are significant activities in our lives because they allow us to interact with individuals who have similar interests. While we might just want to focus solely on business-related graphics, displaying some of your own hobbies is one of the most effective methods to stand out. Whether it’s photos of your dog or cat (amazing how many people react to pets!),  favorite book,  listening to audiobooks and podcasts, having ice cream with your kids, cooking, there’s something for everyone. Projecting your interests will create a common ground for you and your potential clients who also enjoy the same things. It’s always so essential to inject a little bit of your unique personality into these sessions. It’s essential in telling your story to your viewers. 

Create Common connections (with hobbies!).

Now, whether you like it or not, you might need to start getting used to being in front of the lens. But you just need to realize how essential it is for others to know who you are as a brand and as an individual. You need to find a photographer that makes you feel at ease and helps you get it done efficiently. I can promise you that it’s achievable and well worth it. 

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