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Standing Ovations “Unleash Your Super Power” Event – Jan 30th, 2020

Here are the photos from another successful night at Cliftons here in Sydney with the “O” team at Standing Ovations. https://www.standingovations.com.au/

With double the amount of people from last December, it was pretty clear, speakers established and emerging are seeking better ways to level up in their speaking careers and be in demand and booked up as well as paid their worth.  Leanne took the room through what speakers should do and what bureaus are looking for, with lots of tips and takeaways. Jane and Sharmila answered the crowds questions and shared their insights to the possibilities of what 2020 has in stall. There was a great group exercise of “Whispers” which demonstrated how you need to perfect your pitch so it’s memorable for people to be able to sell you.

I was very grateful to Leanne for giving me the opportunity to speak to the crowd about what makes a “Stand Out Demo Reel“. No pressure, first time speaking in front of 150 professional speakers! But I actually really enjoyed it the moment I took that microphone into my hands…. something about that microphone, something about sharing what you know to an audience and coming from a place of help.

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