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Standing Ovations “Unleash Your Super Power in 2020” Event

Last week it was an honour to partner with one of Australia’s leading Speaker Bureaus, Ovations. They manage ODE Management, Ovations and Standing Ovations speakers and I had the pleasure of being at their showcases this year and wow, what an incredible calibre of speakers who just rock the stage and find that incredible balance between entertainment and education so that they are consistently engaging their audiences.

If you’re an event manager looking to book some talent for next year it’s worthwhile getting in contact with the events team here.

I’ve been working hard all year to position myself to work alongside speakers, authors and coaches to provide them with great visual assets that will help them STAND OUT and increase their visibility, amplify their message and connect to a wider audience so that they can be booked up, in demand and paid their worth whether on the big stages or through events they hold themselves. Video just works if you want to be seen and heard. How will you stand out in 2020? If you need help, happy to have a chat as this is what I love doing: Creating visuals to support your communications so you can influence a wider audience and get known!

Here’s the highlight of what the event was last week and thank you to those of you who came, it was a brilliant night, packed with information and insights into what speakers can expect for 2020.

Don’t worry if you missed out, there will be another one coming up again next year. If you are speaking wanting to take it to the next level, definitely stay tuned.

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