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Personal Branding Portraits with Belinda Brosnan

It’s always fun when you get to travel interstate to meet up with your clients for a personal brand shoot! Meet Belinda Brosnan. Since 2012, Belinda has been running her own practice working globally as an executive coach, mentor, speaker, trainer and facilitator.

Upon arriving in Brisbane, first stop was to head to Belinda’s place to go over her outfits and accessories for the shoot. Then we packed up a bag and headed out to the Powerhouse Museum. It’s such a fantastic location that offered a great variety.

Not having seen it before it was just perfect. Seeking out interesting backdrops and different backgrounds is key and there was lots to play with here that would make Belinda’s photos pop! So we got alot done and another great collection of images to choose from.

Belinda is also the author of “Start with You – Lead from the Inside”. I am lucky to have a copy of this and it really is a brilliant read. It offers the tools to “find your voice and propel your leadership out of autopilot”. To become a “highly-valued and emotionally aware leader.”

Something that holds true to my heart. I’ve found the book to be informative, practical and I love the exercises in the end of each chapter that make you think more deeply.

For more information on Belinda, please check out her website www.belindabrosnan.com



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