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Personal Branding Image Library, what can you expect?

People ask me all the time, what can I expect from a personal branding image library shoot.

You can expect engaging, authentic images, showing the REAL YOU!

You can expect a variety of images captured for all your marketing, social and PR needs. In an environment that makes sense and matches your brand and audience.

Personal Branding Images is changing the way entrepreneurs connect with a wider audience. What separates us from our competition where everyone is saying the same thing? It’s YOU! People buy from people (not companies) and people want to SEE who it is they are working with!

So start sharing your content and include impactful personal branding images that positioning yourself in place of leadership and authority.

I recently photographed the amazing Suzy Jacobs and this woman is now set up with a collection of images that not only can be used on her profile, website and marketing, but she can now choose any image she likes that supports her written content or uses an unique inspiring quote or message to connect with her audience better. She is the woman behind the brand and this helps people connect to her more strongly. (Gosh there was stacks more, but these are a collection of my favourites!)

Take a look at her website too that was created by Penny Ransby from Bench Creative. See how clever they’ve used the photos and wording together! Very proud to see they are being used well 🙂  

Thank you Suzy and Penny, it’s always a pleasure to work with you both.

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