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How A Speaker Show Reel or Demo Reel Helps You To Be Booked Up, In Demand And Paid Your Worth

Opening The Door To Opportunity In 2021 With A Professional Speaker Show Reel

The recent changes within the speaking industry aren’t going away anytime soon. The virtual event and presentation space has moved front and centre for speaking opportunities. Event organisers are looking for speakers who are ready to deliver online presentations as well as onstage.

Speakers are looking at ways to position themselves to get more bookings not just nationally but globally.

As we go forward into 2021, stop and ask yourself,

“What can I do right now to position myself powerfully to be in demand, booked up and paid my worth in the new year?” 

Before booking you for an engagement, speaker bureaus and event organisers need assurance that you will elevate an event with your expertise, personality and presence.

But how can they know that if they haven’t seen or heard you speak before, especially virtually?

You can’t get booked for new speaking gigs (virtually or live) if you can’t demonstrate what you do.

As a speaker, it is nearly impossible to be booked for well-paying engagements without proving your speaking ability and expertise first.

A professional video showreel is your entry point to the world of getting booked and paid to speak. Consider it your calling card, and an essential ingredient for success.

Now it’s all about the Hybrid Speaker Show Reel. A demonstration of you speaking onstage and online.

Professional video is a powerful way to grab the attention you need to stand out from a crowded field of competitors. 

Read on to learn how a professional speaker showreel can help you get booked.

Would you purposely position yourself behind the eight ball? 

You may be asking yourself, “Is it possible to apply for speaking opportunities without a showreel?”

Even though you may have some luck booking low-paid engagements without one, the vast majority of opportunities will require a showreel.

Imagine the many opportunities you’ll miss by not having this one essential promotional tool…

You may also be tempted to take the “Do it yourself” route, attempting to cobble together something on your own.

Unfortunately, most novice reels do more harm than good since the viewer will be distracted by the sub-par video production instead of your speaking skills.

Trying to take a shortcut by producing a cheap, low-quality showreel will ultimately cost you in reputation and income.

In-demand speakers have professional quality videos to represent their brand, and they rarely settle for just good enough.

Opening the door to opportunity

Imagine how great it will feel to be 100% prepared to send a potential client a professional showreel that will wow them with the true you! You don’t need to be too intimidated to reach out to someone for a speaking gig anymore.

Here are other key benefits of having a professional speaker showreel:

  • Be prepared to answer anyone at a moment’s notice with a quality digital asset that will capture their attention while demonstrating your personality and expertise.
  • Position yourself ahead of your competitors.
  • Feel confident in asking for your worth.
  • Make it easy for bookers to choose YOU for their speaking engagement.
  • Give others the confidence to hire you and buy from you.
  • Energize your career.
  • Amplify your message.
  • Connect powerfully from the get-go with the people hiring you.
  • Build trust and rapport.
  • Capture the attention of readers.
  • Drive more book sales.
  • Position yourself as the subject matter expert in your field.

 Are you ready to take the lead in 2021?

I know that it can feel daunting or time-consuming to get yourself out there, but you don’t have to go it alone.

I’m Melinda Hird, and my specialty is making you look amazing while getting your message across powerfully.

There is an entire strategy that underpins how to create a memorable and impactful speaker showreel, and I’m here to make it easy for you. I will guide you every step of the way, from crafting a script to recording you in action as you deliver your message.

With the right planning and tools, it IS possible to succeed in 2021! 

The number one key investment for speakers right now is having an up-to-date professional showreel with footage that demonstrates your speaking skills both on screen and on stage.

Haven’t got great virtual video assets that sell you well?

No problem, this is why I’m offering an exclusive recording days to capture your virtual keynote or presentation at Dale Beaumont’s stand-out recording studio.

I will combine this recorded footage with your most recent on-stage footage to create a hybrid showreel to position you for more bookings in 2021.

By investing intelligently in yourself, you will be ready to level up and play a bigger game in the new year.

Will you do whatever it takes to have a successful 2021? Or will you get left behind as others step into your spotlight?

If you are keen to claim your spotlight, reach out to learn more (CTA link).

And remember, as Will Rogers famously said,

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

If you’re ready to update your speaker reel and elevate your business to the next level, then let’s chat.

Book into a complementary vision discovery call at

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