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Do You Need To Elevate Your Profile in 2021?

How do you communicate to your audience that you are on top of your game in 2021? Now more than ever, it’s of the utmost importance to position yourself powerfully, broadcast confidently and get your message across clearly and quickly.

Set your brand up for a successful year. Professional brand photography and video is a powerful way to grab the attention you need to stand out from a crowded field of competitors and put the attention onto you and what you have to say.

Your clients will be impressed when you continue to evolve and update your business in light of the current circumstances. You will prove to them that you are a true leader in your industry.

Does this describe you?

Most experts have a great product or service but lack the right visuals to stand out and get noticed. They need to make a strong first impression and create impact through their visual communication or risk getting lost in a sea of competition and content overload.

Audiences are seeking authentic brands offering trust, connection and value.

Now is the moment to position yourself to demonstrate the expertise you bring and the quality you offer.

Professional photography and video work seamlessly together to amplify your influence and keep you top of mind, making it easy for people to say “yes” to working with you.

Read on to learn about the power of professional visual assets to get you in demand, booked up and paid your worth in 2021 and for those interested in updating their profile images below I have an exciting special offer on, for a limited time, for a full personal brand experience.

Grab their attention before someone else does

“Attention is a precious commodity” (Brian Solis)

Elevating your business to the next level requires a strong visual presence that allows you to be seen and heard.

If you’re currently using sub-par visual assets, you are probably losing a lot of potential clients to your competitors without realizing it.

Professional video is a powerful tool to keep all eyes on you. Watching video provides both audio and visual stimulation which quickly engages your audience, ignites emotion and shares your message quickly and effectively.

According to VidYard, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. (https://www.vidyard.com)

What exactly is it that you do?

If people are asking themselves this question when learning about your brand, you’re in trouble.

Your visual assets must clearly communicate your message or they won’t resonate with the right people and will stunt your ability to level up and stand out.

it’s time to get clarity around the message you want to communicate so you can deliver it quickly and with confidence.

A professional photographer/videographer will help you draw out your authentic message and capture it in a powerful visual narrative so that you are attracting the right clientele and communicating your message effectively.

Are people seeing and hearing the real you?

Your images and videos speak for you even when you are not there!

Your audience wants to connect with you and feel good about doing business with you. By sharing the real you in your images and videos, you will humanise your brand, build trust and nurture authentic relationships.

The prime purpose of personal brand photography and videography is to help evolve your brand by telling a visual story of who you truly are … It also helps you look amazing!

People want to feel confident about choosing you. By showing them the true you throughout all your visual assets, you will inspire emotion and make it easier for the right audience to connect with you.

Is it time to uplevel your personal brand photographs and video?

Be honest with yourself. Your visual assets can make or break you, especially if you’re positioning yourself with the big players.

Investing in high-quality, personal brand photography and video will make all the difference in setting yourself up for a successful 2021.

I’m Melinda Hird and I help speakers, authors, thought leaders and established businesses create a strong visual presence with personal brand photography and videography to:

•      Position you as an expert in your field.

•      Elevate your profile and credibility.

•      Connect powerfully from the get-go with your audience.

•      Elevate your brand to play with the big players.

•      Capture your personality and unique brand story.

•      Create a visual curation strategy for all your profile, marketing and PR needs.

•      Support your messaging with clarity, quality and consistency.

•      Grab attention and increase your influence.

•      Make it easy for clients to say “yes” to your products or services.

•      Energize your career.

•      Feel confident in asking for your worth.

•      Build trust and rapport.

Special Offer – Limited Time Only

Now is the perfect time to update your portraits and images to set you up for the year ahead.

If you’re ready to update your visual assets and elevate your business to the next level, reach out and let’s talk as for a limited time only I have a generous personal brand promotion on. For more details please visit: https://melindahird.wpengine.com/personalbrand-offer2/

Book into a complimentary vision discovery call at https://calendly.com/mel-3/30min?month=2021-01&date=2021-01-22

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