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After a personal branding portrait shoot… what’s next?

How can you maximise the most out of your images, especially if you have paid a professional to take these for you? One of the quickest and most effective ways to deliver the personality of your brand is to use your professional portraits as a social media marketing tool. It’s also the most cost effective. […]

Personal Branding Image Library, what can you expect?

People ask me all the time, what can I expect from a personal branding image library shoot. You can expect engaging, authentic images, showing the REAL YOU! You can expect a variety of images captured for all your marketing, social and PR needs. In an environment that makes sense and matches your brand and audience. Personal […]

Bea Restaurant Shoot

I often shoot amazing food for the Weekend Australian, this particular time I was asked to photograph the award winning BEA restaurant in Barangaroo. If you are ever looking for somewhere to take that special someone, look no further than here. The location and service was exceptional.

Susan Cath – Nutritionist

We all know how important it is to keep our fitness up and to live a healthy lifestyle but how many of us actually maintain it? When I was asked to Photography Susan Cath I was really happy as she personifies what we should all be practicing on a daily basis. Not only did I get […]

Why is great photography so important for your brand?

By having the right images professionally captured, will give your brand the recognition it deserves! Photography plays a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. It also enhances your positioning as an expert and this in turn gives you the competitive edge with purpose of increasing your reach and enhancing your sales. A […]

What is your corporate portrait saying about you?

  Imagine this for a moment; your images speak for you even when you are not there! In today’s content saturated market it only takes 3 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Your images should look as genuine and professional as everything else that you provide for your customers because: A good image psychologically builds […]

National Day Surgery @ Kogarah – Editorial Photography

“National Day Surgeries Pty Ltd is committed to the design, development and management of superior health facilities, in particular integrated health centres and day surgeries, with the defining characteristic for both specialists and patients alike being that the whole is more than the sum of the parts.” Following on from our photoshoot with Professor George […]

Professor George Murrell Shoulder Clinic Branding Photography

I had such a great day photographing Professor George Murrell’s Shoulder Surgery. Professor Murrell and his team specialise in innovative ways to diagnose and restore – often with Key Hole Surgery – function to the shoulder. Professor Murrell is so down to earth and highly skilled in his area of expertise. Has trained and worked […]

FC11 – Branding and editorial shots

I had the priviliage to photograph FC11 Football club located at Valentine Park, Norwest. They are Australia’s leading Sports Education Provider. The offer Athlete Development & Performance Programs to young atheletes. FC11 engaged in my services as they needed updated images for their website. I had such a great day photograping the whole facilities as […]