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Personal Brand Photography with Julie Dempsey

You know how you just meet somebody and you just click and get a good feel from? Julie is one of those people. She is an incredible person and talented at what she does.

For Julie’s personal brand portrait shoot we wanted to capture a variety of images for her business in Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching and beyond. There is so much behind the benefits of what Julie does that can really help shift a more positive outlook and outcome in life.  It can bring long lasting changes to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The coaching that Julie provides in addition helps empower to find the answers within yourself to help you discover what your own personal “best” can look like.

Sometimes we just can get stuck “in a bucket of tar” so to speak unable to move forward. Sometimes we have a thought looping over, hindering us that seems impossible to let go and that’s where Julie can help.

So here we wanted to capture some inaction shots of Julie with a client, lots of social media content, in different locations and lifestyle shots. These are just some of the shots we captures on the day that not only going to work great in her marketing but support her written content, thoughts and messages.

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