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Why having fun in your photoshoot builds a strong and memorable personal brand.

Having fun in your photoshoot is essential these days. In a world where everyone is trying to be the same and put their best foot forward, it’s refreshing to see someone who knows how to have fun in their photoshoot.

Take these amazing ladies Alisha and Ashleigh from “Rainbow Sky Creations”. They create Engaging online activities. Created by teachers, they help teachers by making awesome resources to inspire them & make learning MAGIC for their students.

They knew how to have fun on their photoshoot which made it such a joy for me to work with them.

When you’re having fun and being yourself in front of the camera, you’ll naturally come across as more relatable.

When you have fun and be yourself on shoots, people will connect with you on a deeper level. They see that you’re not just another generic personal brand, but a real person with a personality and a sense of humour!

You’ll attract more like-minded people to your brand that you want to work with. Why? Because they like what they see and get you! It makes you stand out from the rest and people will remember you for it.

Let’s talk about the secret ingredient for making a fun shoot.

The secret ingredient is “preparation”. As the saying goes, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” … the same applies to photoshoots. So take the time to:

* Gather your mood board:

* Plan your outfits

* Plan your key messages

* Prepare props and accessories.

This will ensure that your photoshoot is relaxed, fun, and professional. You’ll feel confident, comfortable, and ready to have some fun in front of the camera.

The idea is to capture the essence of the moodboard while still making it your own.  Use it as a starting point, not the finish line.

Ashleigh and Alisha did exactly this. They had a moodboard and we used this as a source of inspiration, not a strict copy. Personal touch and creativity is essential.

Just let go, be yourself and have some fun in front of the camera!

Embrace your personality, use props, silly poses, unique clothing, outdoor locations, and collaborate with others to create fun and playful images.

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