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Why create a mood board for your photography shoot?

What is a moodboard?
It’s essentially a vision board, a collection of images and ideas, to help you get clarity and inspiration for your upcoming shoot.
It’s a way to communicate your vision with your photographer and a chance to expresses your personality and your style.
It will clarify the mood of your shoot and helps you to get specific on other details such as:
* Makeup & hair
* Clothing
* Posing inspiration
* Backgrounds
* Lighting
* Locations
* Settings
* Expressions and hand gestures etc
* Props
… the sky really is the limit and these are also crucial details to map out especially when it comes to supporting your brand messaging.
It’s important to plan ahead with your marketing. You need a solid collection of images to use for now, 6mths to 18mths down the track.
The simplest way to create a mood board is by searching for images on Pinterest, Instagram.

I’ve created 2 examples where I’ve gathered 2 examples from Pinterest (they are not mine, just to show you how easy it is to do!) one for women and one for men, to demonstrate the points above and to help you for your next shoot.

If you are looking for new images and a photographer, I’d love to help you.

Right now I have a beautiful special on for a full personal brand shoot, all the images and your top 15 images retouched. Reach out and let’s create some magic for your brand.

Details are here https://melindahirdphotography.com.au/personalbrand-offer2/

It’s time to create some amazing images for your Profile!

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