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Town Hall Sydney Street Photography

I love free time, so this week whilst I was waiting for my next event to photograph in Sydney. I had the opportunity to snap some shots in the city outside Town Hall.

It made me realise a couple of things, firstly what a beautiful city we live in and secondly that we all need to make more ‘free time’ simply to just go out and look around. When I get the chance to explore and play with my camera it truely hits me just how much I  love my job.

Sydney-Lifestyle-Photographer_0001.jpg Sydney-Lifestyle-Photographer_0002.jpg Sydney-Lifestyle-Photographer_0003.jpg Sydney-Lifestyle-Photographer_0004.jpg Sydney-Lifestyle-Photographer_0005.jpg Sydney-Lifestyle-Photographer_0006.jpg Sydney-Lifestyle-Photographer_0007.jpg



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