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Professor George Murrell Shoulder Clinic Branding Photography

I had such a great day photographing Professor George Murrell’s Shoulder Surgery.

Professor Murrell and his team specialise in innovative ways to diagnose and restore – often with Key Hole Surgery – function to the shoulder.

Professor Murrell is so down to earth and highly skilled in his area of expertise. Has trained and worked in the USA, New York and serves on the editorial boards of the “Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Shoulder and Elbow and between him and his team have won over 30 awards for their work. Very inspiring and hardworking.

They are located in Kogarah and their office is actually inside a beautiful old church with gorgeous stain glass windows and it looks and feels so great to walk in.
On the walls was large print of world class athletes in action.

So we concentrated on getting shots from inside out, photos of all the team as well as in action photos of how a day to day consultaiton would take place with his patients.

Here are the highlights from the day. I’ll also be blogging about this National Day Surgery, so lots of great images to show of his surgery and his revolutionary hand rest that has changed the way he conducts his shoulder surgery.


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