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Phil’s TED-Style Talk: Making Philanthropy Obsolete

Last Monday we filmed Phil Preston who is a Purpose Expert and we filmed his TED-Style Talk: “Making Philanthropy Obsolete”

What an incredible thought-provoking title and such an insightful keynote that provides a provocative solution to our greatest challenges.

In this shortened 2.5 minute version of his full keynote, Phil weaves together a powerful narrative using a range of personal and business stories. Take a moment to watch this and hear what he has:


“He challenges people with new perspectives, reinforcing the themes of:

> Our challenges are also our greatest opportunities
> Seek out smart ways of leveraging resources
> Solutions may be closer than we think
> Recognising what is done well and replicating it

This is ideal for shaking up established norms and ways of working and is guaranteed to provide a major “aha” moment for many in the audience.

This can be delivered in-person, online or in hybrid form. It works really well as a 16-20 minute TED-style talk that is followed by an interview, Q&A or further discussion.
Having your Keynote or your Tedx style talks filmed is essential as it helps you build up your video assets so you can make a stand-out speaker demo reel.”

If you are an established speaker and you want the opportunity to have your keynote filmed on a professional and terrific stage like this, so you can create an incredible and engaging speaker demo reel, then contact me directly below on the contact page to have a chat.

This stage is just perfect … can you see yourself up there?

To book Phil, please visit his website https://philpreston.com.au/

Here are some of the behind the scene and speaker photography shots capture on the day as well. Perfect for updating your website and speaker kits.








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