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Personal Brand Photography and Video Production

Position your brand for influence.

Melinda is a Personal Brand Photographer, Videographer and Producer, working with professional speakers and entrepreneurs to amplify their brand.

The visual assets you receive will be high quality, professional and thoughtfully crafted to bring out your true personality and key messages, making you not only look great, but it will also help:

  • Connect you to a wider audience.
  • Support you to be “In Demand” and “Booked Solid” for bigger and better speaking opportunities.
  • Confidently have you PR and Media ready.
  • Have access to your own image library to support all your marketing needs.
  • Provide high end, consistent and relevant video content.
  • Position you with authority and help build greater trust.

People want to know the person behind the brand before they buy from them.

By sharing your thought leadership and knowledge with your audience in a more engaging and relevant way, people will connect with you better once they understand you more. They also begin to trust you more quickly after seeing, reading or hearing what you have to share.

I’ll provide you with more than just the photo and video assets.  You will receive:

  • A 5 step process method on how to create more influence using your visual assets.
  • Strategy session before and after each of your shoots.
  • Direction during the shoot.
  • Learn how to maximise results and get a better ROI, once you’ve received your photographs and videos to really amplifying your impact.

Make it easy for your networks to share and tell others what you do with more clarity. Be content ready and stay visibly consistent.

After the process what you do get is variety of engaging, approachable portraits, candid lifestyle shots and in-action images that will support your written content and personal brand. View an example here: Personal-Brand-Image-Library-Sample

The videos combine emotion, mood and storytelling filmed in a cinematic way and edited with professional results that will inspire and tell your message in a succinct way. No dry, static backgrounds either.

Ask about our six or twelve month customised video and photography packages. Aimed to deliver you with regular content, stay connected and plan ahead so you are always in front.

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