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Want to Amplify
Your Impact &
Ignite Your

Great photography &
videos will help make
that happen and connect
you to your audience better

You are unique ...
and your images
should reflect this too

No two shoots will ever
look the same as
another persons...
...that's a promise!

Creating Brand
Images & Videos

Keynote Speakers
Business Leaders
...and YOU!

Want amazing images?
Be Bold
Have Fun
Let Go

That's when the real magic
happens and your true personality is captured.

Your Visual Presence
Is Everything

How you show up is what matters the most.
Be the best version of yourself.

Express Yourself

Set yourself apart from the rest, with photos that capture your personality.

Want to Connect
to a Wider

Engaging photography & inspiring videography assets help make this happen.

Create Your
Personal Brand

Video and Photography is the strongest medium to use, helping you attract your ideal clients and supports your message.

Want your own Personal
Brand Image Library?

Hundreds of photos to consistently draw upon at a moments notice and supports your content creation...
now that's priceless!

Look Great &
Feel Great
with updated

Power up your visual curation strategy for all your profile,
marketing and PR needs.

Want to Become

Position yourself as the subject matter expert with great visual assets. When people see and hear you they connect better with you.

Look Great, Feel Confident
Knowing you have great images and video that visually supports your brand and messaging

Having a collection of images and video that you look and feel great in and that are available to you at a moment’s notice gives you the ability to keep positioning yourself in the market. This means you stay fresh, relevant and have the confidence to keep putting yourself out there. The more you can do this, the more you’ll be booked up and be paid your worth.

Ever Notice…

Have you ever noticed the reaction people receive when they upload a new professional profile image on social media? They get a flood of likes and comments and they instantly come top of mind to people. This is called disruption marketing and it works when you’re using great images.

Disruption marketing grabs attention and holds it.

This is because when you look and feel amazing and you have the confidence to position yourself to be seen by others they can’t help but stop and take notice. When you have images and video’s that you look and feel great in then you can strategically and confidently position your brand to keep staying top of mind.

People are scrolling so fast through social media – great images stops them in their tracks.

I work with you to make sure we capture your personality and that you look and feel great so that it comes through in all your images and video.

Want to know other strategic tips on how to make your images work for your brand?

Be in demand, booked up, & paid your worth

Great photography and videography position your brand for influence that connect with your audience and amplify your impact. If you want to play a bigger game and level up then you have to stand out from all the noise in the marketplace and be remembered over your competitors. Your personal brand photos and video’s will keep you memorable, in demand, booked up and paid your worth.

The new era demands a focus on ignition, not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content

If you’re not visible you go unnoticed.

Video is a powerful tool to grab attention and keep all eyes on you.

Watching video provides both audio and visual stimulation which quickly engages your audience.

The power of video can’t be denied.

It instantly builds trust and rapport and people develop a stronger affiliation for you than if they were simply seeing your content.

Still not convinced?

Conversion rates double for brands using video on their websites. Video content engages and ignites emotion.

Don’t drown in a sea of content noise. Use powerful videography that makes you visible, captures your personality and makes you stand out above your competitors.

Mels energy, professionalism, and passion has been absolutely exceptional and I knew from the moment I meet her I wanted to work with her. If you really want to establish yourself.... and show people the lane you are owning then do a professional showreel with Mel, it's truly an amazing experience.

Alice Crawley – Speaker, Author

Helping you communicate your message is what I do best.

You have thousands of competitors in the marketplace trying, vying for the same clients as you, to get the same opportunities as you so how are you going to stand out? You need to stay relevant, keep your presence strong and demonstrate your authenticity. I help speakers, authors, thought leaders and established businesses create a strong visual presence with personal brand photography and video production so you can you can be seen for who you truly are and connect with a wider audience.

I'd love to hear from you.

Wondering how you can ignite your brand and play a bigger game? Let’s connect.