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Personal Brand Photography and Video

Be seen and heard the way you deserve to be. Amplify your impact and confidently share your knowledge and thoughts in a considered way to your audiences that’s going to engage, delight and inspire them to connect to you in a greater way.

As a Personal Brand Photographer and Video Producer who works with keynote speakers, thought leaders and industry experts, the results and visual assets I provide you with are going to:

  • Amplify your profile and brand with more impact, influence and authority.
  • Communicate your message with more clarity and relevance.
  • Connect you to a wider audience and build greater trust.
  • Position you to be booked and paid for bigger and better speaking opportunities.
  • Confidently have you PR and Media ready for journalist, publications & TV.

Share your thought leadership and knowledge in a more engaging and relevant way that connect to a wider audience with inspiration and impact. People want to know the person behind the brand and usually engage better once they understand them more. They begin to trust them more once they feel they can connect with that person and know that that person can help them further.

I’ll provide you with more than just the photo and video assets.  You will receive:

  • A 5 step strategy plan.
  • Pre-planning strategy session before each of your shoots to understand your exact needs and help you plan.
  • Direction during the shoot.
  • Planning afterwards, once you’ve received your photographs and videos, how best to maximise the results for a better ROI as well as amplifying your impact and position you with more influence.

You will receive a library of images that have a variety  of professional, approachable portraits, candid lifestyle shots and in-action images that will support your written content and personal brand.

View an example here: virginia-muzik-personal-brand-image-library

The videos combine message, mood and storytelling filmed in a cinematic way and edited with professional results. No dry, static backgrounds either.

Make it easy for your networks to share, so that they can tell others what you do, with more clarity. Be content ready and plan ahead, ask about my six or twelve month customised video packages, aimed to deliver you with regular content, stay connected as well as help keep your profile become more visibly consistently.


Working with Melinda Hird

You put so much work and energy into your business, so it makes sense to work with somebody who is equally passionate about their craft, someone who understands and supports your purpose and the message your audiences wants to hear, by creating a strong visual presence that creates impact. You will get greater results and a higher ROI if you look and sound the part and your audience feels your presence and authenticity.

Melinda Hird is one of Australia’s leading personal brand photographers. Working closely with professional keynote speakers, thought leaders and industry influencers across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. The business is always evolving and Melinda is also creative video producer with a passion for excellence, communication and impact.

Melinda has partnered with other industry experts and talents to support your personal brand if needed, which includes rebranding, website development, graphic design with, copywriting, marketing, sales and social media support and stylists.

It’s all about helping provide a full services with ease and convenience. Her willingness to go above and beyond for all her clients is driven to support their impact and positioning the best way possible.

Melinda works with you, to identify the best way to communicate your individual style and support your brands visibility. You will have the confidence to share your visual assets.

Melinda has a passion for working with true leaders and influencers that give back and have an genuine and honest attitude towards helping people and who leading others to unleash their own power within, create a ripple effect and mind explosions.

Melinda contributes to the B1G1 which is inline with the 17 Global Goals as these goals are her passion and plays a big part towards her higher purpose and for giving back and helping others where possible.

Contact Melinda today to find out more about how she can bring more life to your personal brand.

Services - Discover the Possibilities

First impressions still count. They way we show up, how we present ourselves, our tone, actions and the emotion we use, are key ingredients for building trust with others.

Keep in mind, there are some professional portraits whilst they look amazing, that are too over styled and posed and this can actually make you less approachable. Using old or unprofessional photographs can devalue your personal brand. Aim to make it great and professional, but make sure it is still real and approachable.

Take a moment to look at the your photography. Do your photos have feeling? Do they represent you the best way possible? Are you confident with them or just using the same shots over and over again?

Are you using video? if yes, does it make your your audience connect with what you are doing and saying? Are you consistent with your video blogging or do you need a video content strategy plan mapped out for you?

The services I offer include:

  • Personal Brand Portraits
  • Video & Production
  • Video Strategy
  • Keynote Event Video
  • Video Showreels
  • Video Content (done monthly, quarterly)
  • Drone & Aerial
  • Event Photography &/or Video Coverage

I will photograph you in an environment that makes sense to you and your brand. I work with some of Sydney’s leading stylists, make up artists and hair stylists that will have you looking professional and at your best, ready to receive the best photos and video content you have ever had taken.

Book in a call today to discover the possibilities of what can be done well for you.